Are you happy? Are you living your passions? Do you want change? Would you like more Energy? How about greater Health? And would you like your skin to glow too?

I wrote this book so that I can support you in making every one of your desires, reality. I know you’re busy, that’s why I put everything I could into this book that can be read in just 1.5 hours. You can read it right now!
If this all sounds good to you so far… then keep reading because there is more to it than this.

I myself used to suffer from candida, bloating, lethargy and rheumatoid arthritis. I have been 10 kilos (22 pounds) overweight. I have felt miserable in my body and purposeless in life. I have been on every diet, tried every fad. From standard Australian diet (meat and 3 veg) to vegetarian- high protein, high fat, to starving myself, to binding, to whole foods- high fat, low carb to where I am today enjoy as much fruits and vegetables as I desire (and I desire a lot! I bet I eat more than you do!). I enjoy every single meal I have, I never feel confused about if something is healthy, or if it is going to nourish me and my family. We are nourished! We have the blood tests to prove it. We are fully open and transparent about what we do and eat and want to share it with you after 8 years of living in absolute pleasure with our food. I have felt as truly healthy nor beautiful as I do today on this particular plant based diet.

Want to hear more about what I do to get my body the way it is now? I hope so because it’s so easy and I so want to share it with you!

I know your frustrations with food- my parents taught me this, a website says this though and this news article says that! What can I believe? I believe where you’ll get your answers is from someone who is living in alignment with what they teach, someone who has been living this way long enough to prove that it is not a fad, you’ll not crash after 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 years but instead they are a tried and proven living being that is sharing what they do. I am that person. You are in exactly the right place.

This book is designed from my 35 years of caring deeply about my health and well-being-  my 23 years of meat-free living, 14 years of being vegan and 8 years of thriving plant based. In my time being plant based I have received a 1st place title at the Australian Latin Dance Cup, I have travelled the world, I have conceived a child on the first go, I have had a very healthy pregnancy, I got my body back to better than it was without any effort whatsoever within 4 months of giving birth and I have raised a healthy daughter to 2 years old all while running a business, enjoying my amazing life and retaining impeccable health. I’ve made this ebook so simple that I encourage you to involve your children if you have any in the tasks and meal prep because I care about their health too and it’s easy. This book will equip you with the simplest tools to have you enjoying the benefits immediately, today. Would you like to feel energetic and sexy today? Great!

Today I live in a body that I LOVE, with a family that has a positive self-image and a positive relationship to food. Not one of us have had to go to the hospital for any sickness, not one of us even has a regular GP (the only reason we go to the doctor is to get blood tests to show you. Lol. Blood tests show all sorts of things from B12 levels, iron, cholesterol, loads of things and we share it all with you, completely transparent).

This book will give you:
  • A 7-day meal plan
  • My best tips and tricks to eating plant based
  • The most up to date science on plant based living
  • The truth about animal products and their impact on the body
  • My favourite tips for getting in shape
  • My popular tips for increasing your energy instantly
  • My tips for keeping your cholesterol low
  • The truth about protein, how much you need and how to get it
  • What to do about B12
  • How to increase your iron levels
We’ll be covering:
  • Getting the body you always dreamed- with ease
  • A personalised meal plan
  • Recipes, recipes and recipes
  • Cooking and uncorking tips and tricks
  • lunch box ideas for on the road
  • staying plant based while travelling
  • Raw vegan benefits and recipes
  • I share with you what I eat in a day
  • Cruelty-free living- because no-one really wants to hurt animals
Benefits of getting this book:
  • Your skin will tone and glow
  • Your hair will shine
  • Your energy will increase
  • Your self-confidence will increase
  • Your self-love will increase
  • Your enjoyment from life will increase
  • You will have more time for the things and people that you love
  • You will attain your ultimate body weight
  • You will develop more authentic relationships
  • You will be living in alignment with your beliefs
  • You will attain greater peace around food and life
  • You will feel confident to respond when people ask you what eat
  • You will confident that what you are choosing to feed yourself is nourishing you
Read this testimonial:
When I first met Diana she had just left rehab. She did my program, was glowing days later and has now been sober and a plant based vegan ambassador for 5 years.
Diana 1
And this testimonial:
When Janna purchased my book she had been vegan a few years already but needed something more to get her sparking.
Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 11.26.03 pm

Now it’s time to give yourself a moment of quiet. Right now I invite you to imagine yourself having read this book. Step into your heart space as that is where your best guidance comes from.

Imagine now, your future, you have read this book and followed the tasks and suggested reading, you have received the learning from my 35 years of dedication to health and well-being and 14 years of being vegan. How do you feel now? How do you feel now that your skin is glowing, your hair is shining, your body is toned, your energy levels are high? How does it feel to be vegan? How do you feel knowing that you are living in alignment with your ideals? How does it feel to have someone provide you with a meal plan that you and your loved ones will enjoy and be truly nourished by? How does it feel in your soul to be connected to other like-hearted people, people who get you, who know where you came from and understand where you’re at? How does it feel to have more time and energy for the things and people that you love? How does it feel to eat a meal guilt free, with absolute confidence and enjoyment knowing that you are nourished by every bite? How does it feel to feel beautiful? All this is yours. Feel it. Own it. Be it.
Here is what I am offering you:
  • Getting the body you always dreamed- with ease
  • A meal plan: $40
  • Recipes, recipes and recipes: $20
  • Cooking and uncorking tips and tricks: $10
  • staying plant based while travelling: priceless
  • Raw vegan benefits and recipes: $10
  • I share with you what I eat in a day: cool 😉
  • Cruelty-free living- because no-one really wants to hurt animals: priceless
  • That’s well over $80 in value and I invite you to buy it now for just $19.

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