Designed for the active by the active.

Wild Wear is 100% Australian made and owned.

Wild Wear is designed to appreciate your body… No cutting into waste lines. Wild Wear accentuates your assets, because they’re awesome!

All below items are available in Sexy, Magnificent and Lush, just like the people who wear them.

Ladies Wild Sports Asset Huggers   $29[wp_cart:Ladies Wild Sports Asset Huggers:price:29:shipping:3:end]

Ladies ‘Wild Dancer’ 3/4 length Tytes  $49[wp_cart:Ladies ‘Wild Dancer’ 3/4 length Tytes:price:49:shipping:3:end]

Ladies Wild Singlet  $29[wp_cart:Ladies Wild Singlet:price:29:shipping:3:end]

Ladies ‘Wild Dancer’ full length Tytes  $59[wp_cart:Ladies ‘Wild Dancer’ full length Tytes:price:59:shipping:3:end]

‘Wild’ pants (available to Men and Women)  $69[wp_cart:‘Wild’ pants (available to Men and Women):price:69:shipping:3:end]


$7 each[wp_cart:Bags-1:price:7:shipping:3:end]

$15 for 3[wp_cart:Bags-3:price:15:shipping:3:end]

$35 for 10[wp_cart:Bags-10:price:35:shipping:3:end]

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