How many of your loved ones have suffered from breast cancer?

When we get this news from someone we care about, all we want to do is help them, hug them, look after them, make them better and take away their pain…but it’s not so easy, is it?

This terrible diagnosis happens, and it’s going to keep happening. 

So, how can we arm ourselves and our loved ones in order to decrease our risk—and hopefully never give or receive this news again? 

We can go to the heart of the cause of many cancers. We can take action…

The healthiest diets center on whole plant foods—and the world is starting to notice.

The American Institute for Cancer Research has elaborated this simple dietary rule into “Ten Recommendations for Cancer Prevention,” which I highly recommend checking out.

In recent studies, breast cancer risk was shown to be 60% lower in women who followed at least five of the AICR’s recommendations. 

The top dietary suggestions?

> Be as slim as possible within healthy body weight range.

> Eat mostly plant-based.

> Limit consumption of alcohol.

Hmmm, interesting, no?

What about other cancers? You ask. Let me tell you. 😉 Following those recommendations for prevention is associated with lower risk—not only of breast cancer—but of lung, liver, kidney, stomach, endometrial, colorectal, and esophageal cancer too. 

In other words, staying slim and healthy, while eating plant-based and limiting consumption of alcohol, likely lowers our risk of most types of cancer!

The tenth recommendation is actually aimed at cancer survivors—not just healthy individuals hoping to avoid it. The advice? Follow the other nine suggestions for cancer prevention. You read that right: the same dietary choices that help prevent cancer might also help those with the disease to survive it. Wow, just digest that for a second.

Studies found that following these guidelines for cancer prevention also correlated to lower mortality in older women—especially those fighting breast cancer.

A cancer diagnosis is a powerful push to start eating (and living) better—but let’s not wait until the chance for prevention is past. We can start eating healthier and living longer right now! As I’ve written before, these same dietary practices (namely, plant-based!) have been associated with lower risk for heart and respiratory disease, too. 

Yep, the advice for living longer, lowering risk of many cancers and generally being healthier is one and the same: plant-based, Vegan.

There’s a wonder diet out there,—you just have to choose it.

The more healthy habits we develop, the longer we live. Simple. Here are a few:

> Avoid smoking.

> Minimize alcohol consumption.

> Eat leafy greens every day.

> Eat fruit every day.

> Exercise.

> Go plant-based, Vegan!

That last one is important because further studies have shown that while limiting alcohol and tobacco use is healthy, adding a plant-based, Vegan lifestyle to the mix is even better!

So, want to give the plant-based life a try?

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For life,