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Losing weight doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. In fact, it couldn’t be simpler!

To prove it, I’ll be sharing a favourite Weight Loss Hack every day this week. I want to show you that you can eat for the body you want even by making a few simple, effortless changes in your diet.

Even if you change nothing else, these hacks will likely get you a bit closer to the body of your dreams. (Bonus: They might just delight your taste buds, too!)

You’re going to love this one…I sure do!

Weight Loss Hack #4: Snack on Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is higher in calories per serving than fresh, so it might surprise you that adding it to your diet won’t lead to weight gain… it will probably do the exact opposite!

In a recent study, children age nine to eleven were given all the grapes or raisins they wanted thirty minutes before a meal. At that meal, they were offered all the pizza they could eat.

If they had just the meal—with no snack beforehand—they consumed an average of 840 calories of pizza. Add the unlimited grapes, and they ate around 120 calories of that, but less pizza. Their overall calorie intake was higher, but a portion of those calories came from fruit—which, of course, is preferable to pizza.

When the children were given raisins, researchers found that they consumed even more calories from their snack than with grapes, but then ate so much less pizza that their overall calorie intake was lower.

It’s not just raisins, and it’s not just kids; dried fruit is an incredibly satisfying snack! And, with the healthy calories in fruit, you don’t need to worry about portion control.

Eat up!

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I’d love to hear from you! What’s your favorite dried fruit to snack on? How has snacking on healthy calories like dried fruit helped you reach your weight loss goals? Please share in the comments.



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