Hi Gorgeous,

Losing weight doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. In fact, it couldn’t be simpler!

To prove it, I’ll be sharing a favourite Weight Loss Hack every day this week. I want to show you that you can eat for the body you want even by making a few simple, effortless changes in your diet.

Even if you change nothing else, these hacks will likely get you a bit closer to the body of your dreams.

This might be the easiest one yet; it will literally save you time and cost you nothing…

Weight Loss Hack #5: Stop Counting Calories!

I don’t count calories—haven’t for more than seven years—and I wish you would stop too. 

Your calorie counter doesn’t know when you are no longer hungry. It doesn’t know when you are full. It only teaches you to ignore your own body’s cues. Think about it. The places on this beautiful planet were people are slim and healthy are not the places where everyone counts their calories.

A simple study compared the diets and nutritional intake of 13,000 participants, looking specifically at the difference between meat-eaters and plant-based. The results? Vegetarians and vegans consumed around 360 less calories (on average) than the meat group. That wasn’t intentional dieting; a plant-based diet just naturally led to lower daily calories for participants—and, by extension, greater weight loss.

Vegetarians and vegans might even burn more calories in their sleep, as they seem to have a “resting metabolic rate” 11% higher than that of their meat-eating counterparts. This study looked at both vegans and vegetarians (the latter still eat eggs and dairy), but as I’ve discussed before, the best diet for weight loss is a fully plant-based one.

So instead of counting calories, pay attention to your body and its needs. Nourish it with whole, plant foods, and it will tell you when it has had enough—and when it hasn’t. Not only will this hack save you time, but you’ll probably lose weight without changing a single other thing, too!

Want to know more? Check out my specially-designed program, Food Dynamics: The Taste and Flavour Solution, to learn how to select body-shaping foods and eat for healthy weight reduction. Ignite the power of nutrition today!

I want to hear from you, too! Are you a reformed calorie counter? What made you stop? How did it change your weight loss journey? Please share in the comments.



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