Hack 2

Hey Gorgeous!

Losing weight doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. In fact, it couldn’t be simpler!

To prove it, I’ll be sharing a favourite Weight Loss Hack every day this week. I want to show you that you can eat for the body you want even by making a few simple, effortless changes in your diet.

Even if you change nothing else, these hacks will likely get you a bit closer to the body of your dreams.

Are you ready for this?

Weight Loss Hack #2: Switch to Brown Rice

Researchers took two groups of overweight women and put each one on a weight loss diet—one including a cup of white rice, and the other a cup of brown. After six weeks, they switched the groups’ diets.

When the white rice group switched to brown, they experienced significantly more weight loss, as well as body-shaping around their hips and abdomens. In addition, they enjoyed lower blood pressure and reduced inflammation. These effortless results held steady for pre-diabetics—a particularly high-risk group.

So many people avoid brown rice because they don’t think it’s as tasty as white. Gorgeous, please don’t let that stop you! Just try my sensationally colourful, tasty Buddha Bowl, and you’ll see just how yummy brown rice can be.

And now that you know making the switch away from white rice could help you lose weight effortlessly, too, what in the world is stopping you?

Want to know more? Check out my specially-designed program, Food Dynamics: The Taste and Flavour Solution, to learn how to select body-shaping foods and eat for healthy, effortless weight reduction. Ignite the power of nutrition today!

I would love to hear from you. Are you a brown rice convert already? What is your favourite brown rice recipe?  Share in the comments below.



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