Dietary Vegan 3 week program

Changing what you eat can be extremely challenging I know. That’s why I created this program. Going vegan from any other diet (because meat and dairy are so acidic and toxic to our bodies) involves research and trial and error… I have done the research, the trialing, testing and the mistakes for you. With 20 years meat free living I have made just about every vegan error under the sun and come out the other side.

Now I can help you in your journey to going vegan. I’ll cover everything from shopping lists to recipes, protein intake to socializing as a vegan.


  • You will receive a questionnaire that will provide me with all I need to know about you in order to have you thrive on your new Vegan Diet.
  • You will receive personalized meal plans tailored to you.
  • You will receive the necessary support through the detox period.
  • You will receive support and techniques to deal with peer judgement.
  • You will receive detailed food combining information to aid greater digestion and health.
  • You will be connected to members for recipe swaps in Wild bodies (unlimited)
  • You will be connected to members for knowledge swaps in Wild Bodies (unlimited)
  • You have use of the Wild Bodies group for your personal use (unlimited)
  • You’re invited to social events ie: Vegan Picnics
  • You will receive information on all myths around veganism, revealing the truth.
  • You will receive a fact sheet of important vegan knowledge.
  • You will receive complete support through your detox period.
  • You will receive a goal setting document.
  • You will receive a time line that will inform you of milestones and what you can expect- what people don’t tell you about going vegan.
  • You will receive support and tips on social integration for your personal social settings.
  • You will receive regular SMS support and motivation.

1:1 consultancy period of 3 weeks. 1x upfront payment of only $427

Vegan Diet Program $427  [wp_cart:Vegan Diet Program:price:427:shipping:0:end]

Bonus: Free audio meditation specific to attaining a Wild and thriving, healthy lifestyle.

Optional: Training Program

On our team we have among us some of the worlds leading experts in Vegan training and body building. Would you like greater, more specific results physically as well as healthfully? Then I recommend you purchase the training program as well! As a Wild Bodies member you get a great price too!

Training Program $127 [wp_cart:Training :price:127:shipping:0:end]


I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you in creating your ultimate life and your Wild Body!

Thomas A Edison, 1847-1931: The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.