Hey Healthy, Sexy, Mumma!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re like me, I bet you’d love to celebrate your amazing, sexy body with nourishing, flavourful, body-shaping foods.

Right? 😉

As mums, we know that our bodies have done so many incredible things for us. But sometimes, with the stress of caring for our families and the weight gain that can come with it, we forget to treat those sexy bodies of ours right.

Let’s change that. With these five delicious, slimming tips, you’ll be able to nourish and celebrate your body with an abundance of healthy calories. The weight will start to drop like magic as you make these simple shifts toward following The Taste and Flavour Solution.

These are five of my absolute favourite weight loss hacks, and they are just perfect for busy mums like you (and like me!) who love to eat. Let’s dig in…


#5 Weight Loss Hack for Busy Mums who Love to Eat:

Switch from Dairy to Nutritional Yeast!

So many people are avoiding dairy these days because of the saturated fat, cholesterol, allergenic proteins, and lactose sugar it contains. Or they’ve heard that dairy is linked to type 1 (juvenile-onset) diabetes and other serious conditions, and they’re staying away!

If you’re thinking of going dairy-free, you don’t need to worry about your bone health, either. If you’re enjoying fruits and vegetables in abundance each day, if you’re getting satisfied each meal, and if you’re staying clear of dairy, then your calcium requirements are very, very, very likely in mighty fine form.

Don’t want to give up all those tasty cheese-centric recipes? Rest-assured, you’ll lose none of the flavour with this switch… Meet nutritional yeast.

Nutritional yeast is your new vitamin- and flavour-packed best friend. Full of B Vitamins, folic acid, zinc, and selenium, it’s also free of added sugars and preservatives. Amazing! Low-fat, gluten-free, and so crazy delicious, nutritional yeast can go where no dairy product has gone before.

Its rich, savoury, cheesy flavour makes it the perfect replacement for cheese and other dairy products in so many recipes. Add it to pasta, popcorn, salads, soups, sauces, and really any dish at all that needs a bit of a boost; your little angels are sure to love it too.

Kiss dairy goodbye for good, gorgeous mama, and welcome to your slim, sexy future!

#4 Weight Loss Hack for Busy Mums who Love to Eat

Snack on Dried Fruit

It might surprise you that adding dried fruit to your diet won’t lead to weight gain…it will probably do the exact opposite! In a recent study, children age nine to eleven were given all the grapes or raisins they wanted thirty minutes before a meal. At that meal, they were offered all the pizza they could eat.

If they had just the meal—with no snack beforehand—they consumed an average of 840 calories of pizza. Add the unlimited grapes, and they ate around 120 calories of that, but less pizza. Their overall calorie intake was higher, but a portion of those calories came from fruit—which, of course, is preferable to pizza. When the children were given raisins, researchers found that they consumed even more calories from their snack than with grapes, but then ate so much less pizza that their overall calorie intake was lower.

It’s not just raisins, and it’s not just kids; dried fruit is an incredibly satisfying snack! And, with the healthy calories in fruit, you don’t need to worry about portion control. This Mother’s Day, why not enjoy the satisfying, body-shaping flavours of dried fruit with your little ones?

#3 Weight Loss Hack for Busy Mums who Love to Eat

Switch to Brown Rice

Researchers took two groups of overweight women and put each one on a weight loss diet—one including a cup of white rice, and the other a cup of brown. After six weeks, they switched the groups’ diets.

When the white rice group switched to brown, they experienced significantly more weight loss, as well as body-shaping around their hips and abdomens. In addition, they enjoyed lower blood pressure and reduced inflammation. These effortless results held steady for pre-diabetics—a particularly high-risk group.

So many mums avoid brown rice because they don’t think it’s as tasty as white. Sweet heart, please don’t let that stop you! Just try my tasty recipes, and you’ll see just how yummy brown rice can be.

#2 Weight Loss Hack for Busy Mums who Love to Eat

Stop Counting Calories!

I don’t count calories—haven’t for more than seven years—and I wish you would stop too. Your calorie counter doesn’t know when you are no longer hungry. It doesn’t know when you are full. Think about it. The places on this beautiful planet where people are slim and healthy are not the places where everyone counts their calories.

Instead of counting calories, pay attention to your body and its needs. Nourish it with whole, plant foods, and it will tell you when it has had enough—and when it hasn’t. Not only will this hack save you time and pointless stress, but you’ll probably lose weight without changing a single other thing, too!

As busy mums, we must reconnect with our beautiful bodies, remember that a sexy body is our birthright, and eat accordingly. Are you ready to eat for the body you deserve?

…and my #1 Weight Loss Hack for Busy Mums who Love to Eat:

Eat Fruit—as Much as You Want!

Many of you know already that I love fruit. That’s where I get most of my calories, and the same goes for my family. And as you’ve seen in my before and after photos, all that fruit and all those extra calories are definitely not making me fat.

Why? Nutritionists think the answer to this puzzle is in something called energy density, a pretty new term that may be linked to weight management. Energy density refers to the amount of calories per unit weight contained in a food or drink. Water, for example, is heavy, but calorie-free, so it has an extremely low energy density. Fibre is also high in weight and low in calories.

Therefore, foods that have high water and fiber content (like fruit!) will have a lower energy density. These low energy density foods fill us up better. (High-fat foods, on the other hand, are extremely high energy density. Think bacon, or anything in that high-calorie, small package category.) The lower the energy density of the foods we eat, the more weight we’ll lose.

And, not only does fruit sugar not negatively affect our health, it seems to actually protect our bodies from the negative effects of other less healthy foods. This is my absolute favourite hack for busy mums, because it is seriously the most satisfying, nourishing, delicious weight loss food out there!

The best thing about these weight loss hacks is that they are safe, natural, and work with your body through the power of food dynamics to help you achieve the slim, sexy body of your dreams. They are so perfect for busy mums like us who don’t have time for complicated, time-consuming diets. AND they are so delicious that they’ll satisfy your every need and desire, too.

So, what do you have to lose? (Except those extra kilos, of course!)

Remember: A sexy body is your birthright. 




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