Diana“Donna is the most sparkley and vibrant person I have ever met. She coached me through transitioning to a Vegan diet with humour, love and respect. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to move along this path to greater health and compassion for all beings and the planet.”

 – Diana Baldry


Wild Donna Reviews

“Now this beautiful lady is amazing. Her work is so inspirational and encouraging. I was vegan before buying her book and joining her wisdom but what she teaches,shows you is stuff I never would of thought of. So cleansing, so fresh, so full of yummy goodness. She inspired me to go more Vegan\healthy than I already was. I would recommend her to anyone vegan or not who wants a fresh and health outlook on life boosted with a great teacher full of kind words and encouragement.”

– Josh Watkins


Erin Moubray“This is an exceptional and easy to follow guide for optimal health.  Donna could not have made it any more easy for someone to follow this and achieve the results that they desire!! I urge anyone who is struggling with weight and health related issues to TRY this and see for themselves the changes that can and will happen.”

– Erin Moubray, world champion level bikini model

Troy Haines “I always knew that one day I would be vegetarian (mainly because of the suffering we cause animals in the way we farm them), but until recently I was happy being ignorant knowing “one day” I would make the switch. As a fit 36 year old professional business coach I use my body to inspire others to have a work/life balance and ate meat protein, complex carbohydrates almost every meal and trained 6 days a week. Then on a holiday to Byron Bay I met Wild Donna where she introduced me to the China Study, Earthlings and the amazing way she lived her lifestyle as a Vegan. It was at that moment that I realised that “one day” was here, that it was easier to be ignorant than it was to be aware and that I could no longer be ignorant… not only did she get me through the first 3 week transition period (I had a huge detox – wasn’t comfortable), but she has bought me out the other side, kept me in the gym training harder than ever (putting on lean muscle), living 100% cruelty free and even more respected by the clients.”

– Troy Haines, Business Coach