Hey Wild One!

I’m having so much fun sharing my favourite weight loss hacks with you, I’ve decided to give you a bonus one today.

Just like the diet I recommend to you, I want the information you find here to be rich, tasty, and super-satisfying. 😉 That’s why I’m sharing such an abundance of sexy, body-shaping secrets!

So, what is The Simplest Hack to Get Healthy, Happy, and Hot?

Switch from dairy to nutritional yeast!



So many people are avoiding dairy these days because of the saturated fat, cholesterol, allergenic proteins, and lactose sugar it contains. Many others just don’t feel good after consuming it. Dairy is linked to type 1 (juvenile-onset) diabetes and other serious conditions, too.

Good thing there are great sources of calcium to be found in a plant-based diet!

But even without that, you’d be just fine, gorgeous. You see, many cultures consume few or no dairy products (fewer than 500 milligrams of calcium per day), yet generally have low rates of osteoporosis. Some scientists believe that other factors have far more to do with osteoporosis than calcium intake does.

Bones are constantly broken down and made anew until age 30 or so. After that, they tend to break down more than they build up. The loss of too much bone calcium can lead to fragile bones or osteoporosis.

A number of factors affect calcium loss from the body:

  • Diets that are high in protein cause more calcium to be lost through the urine. Protein from animal products is much more likely to cause calcium loss than protein from plant foods.
  • Diets high in sodium increase calcium losses in the urine.
  • Caffeine increases the rate at which calcium is lost through urine.
  • Smoking increases the loss of calcium from the body.

A number of factors increase bone building in the body:

  • Exposure to sunlight allows the body to make the bone-building hormone vitamin D.
  • Eating on average over 2000 calories per day as an adult in fruits and vegetables helps to keep the calcium in the bones.
  • Consuming calcium from plant-based sources, especially green vegetables, and beans, provides one of the building blocks for bone building.
  • A diet moderate in protein will help to protect your bones (I discuss protein in depth also in all my books and programs).

Basically, if you’re enjoying fruits and vegetables in abundance each day, if you’re getting satisfied each meal, and if you’re staying clear of dairy, then your calcium requirements are very, very, very likely in mighty fine form.

But because The Taste and Flavour Solution is about abundance, not restriction, I would never tell you to cut something out of your life without offering a tastier, healthier, and body-shaping replacement.

Meet nutritional yeast.

Nutritional yeast is your new vitamin- and flavour-packed best friend. Full of B Vitamins, folic acid, zinc, and selenium, it’s also free of added sugars and preservatives. Amazing!

Low-fat, gluten-free, and so crazy delicious, nutritional yeast can go where no dairy product has gone before.

Its rich, savoury, cheesy flavour makes it the perfect replacement for cheese and other dairy products in so many recipes (like this one!). Add it to pasta, popcorn, salads, soups, sauces, and really any dish at all that needs a bit of a boost!

Kiss dairy goodbye for good, gorgeous, and welcome to your slim, sexy future!

Remember: A sexy body is your birthright! Let me show you how to eat for the body you want!

I would love to hear from you, too. Have you used Nutritional Yeast before? What is your favourite way to use it? What benefits have you experienced from cutting dairy from your diet? Share in the comments!



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