Are you trying to overcome obesity, or lose weight quickly? Would having some simple, easy-to-follow guidelines written out help you reach your weight loss goals more efficiently?

Are you just so excited to finally have that sexy, sultry body of your dreams, and you don’t want to wait a minute longer than necessary? I hear you, gorgeous, and that’s why I’ve created this blog!

I don’t like to throw too many rules and numbers at you, but…

If you are seeking maximum weight loss ASAP, the following suggestions will help you.

Keep in mind that the steps I’m sharing with you here are much more restrictive than my regular programs. If you have time and patience, or if (like me) you hate managing what you eat so closely, this probably isn’t for you.

What can I say? Some of us just have a big appetite for flavour…and we put maximum satisfaction first! 😉

All of the advice in my book and blogs will of course help you reach your weight loss goals. What I usually share is exactly how I got my dream body—and how I maintain it.  So if you’re in it for the long-haul and not in too much of a hurry, you can follow my regular programs to learn to eat for the body you want—for the rest of your life.

But I was only healing from rheumatoid arthritis, candida, anxiety, and 13 kilograms of extra weight. As a leading weight loss nutritionist, I realise that every weight loss story is different—and I want to support each and every one!

So maybe you’re facing something even more serious. Maybe you need to lose 25 kilograms in weeks.

If that sounds like you, then this is the meal plan you should follow. These steps will help you reach your maximum weight loss goals quickly and healthfully. I suggest printing out these suggestions and putting them up on your fridge if it will help you remember them.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

9 Simple Steps to Maximum Weight Loss in a (Healthy) Hurry

  • Up your intake of (non-starchy) orange, yellow, and green veggies. They should account for about half the food on your plate.
  • Dig into starches like potatoes and rice to fill up that other half.
  • Avoid simple sugars, including dried fruit and juices.
  • Keep fresh fruit to one or two a day.
  • Avoid flours (especially highly processed ones!) in foods like pasta, bread, and cakes.
  • Ease up on high-fat foods like avocado, seeds, nuts, and olives. Soy too!
  • Eat smaller meals more often.
  • Use fewer ingredients per meal. Simple meals such as brown rice with one green vegetable of choice are optimum for quick and healthy weight loss.
  • Eat at home, rather than going out to restaurants where you can’t control any of these things.

Important Note: As always, this should be a diet of abundance. I want you to eat as much as you want of these foods, whenever you want, even if your goal is fast weight loss. Gorgeous, I want you to experience mind-blowing satisfaction at every meal, just like I do.

And that’s available to you if you follow these steps and explore my recipes and blogs for extra support and variety.

Counting to restrict calories is the last thing you should do. To truly maximize weight loss and healing, you should feel fully satisfied at all meals. If you feel hungry, you’re not yet fully nourished, and you need to pack in more whole foods like brown rice or potatoes.

So go get nourished, sexy things! The body of your dreams is your birthright, and it’s time to eat for it.

If those are just too many steps for you, here is one simple rule for maximum weight loss instead:

Aim for the food you consume to be approximately:

> 45% starches
> 45% veggies (mostly orange, green, and yellow)
> 10% fruit
> 0% animal proteins (meat, dairy, eggs)

Yep, beauties, it’s that simple! What are you still doing on your computer? Let’s get those gorgeous bodies nourished and slim!


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For life,



Resource note: This information has been adapted from an extraordinary book by Dr. McDougall called The Starch Solution. Dr. McDougall is an invaluable resource for those interested in plant-based healing, nutrition and weight loss.