rice diet testimonial

Hey Healthy, Sexy, Vegan or Vegan to be,

Ever heard of Dr. Kempner? No? Well remember that name, because more than 60 years ago he treated more than 18,000 patients with one simple diet.

He originally designed his dietary cure as a treatment for kidney failure and high blood pressure. (Remember, these diagnoses were far more serious in those days.) Patients with the good luck to receive Kemper’s experimental care had a real chance of survival—something they wouldn’t have had at any other hospital. 

Many of his colleagues suspected Kempner of falsifying results—they were that dramatic. Can you imagine? Reversing (what were at the time) terminal illnesses? Hard to swallow.

Speaking of food…I’m guessing you’d like to know right about now, what was Dr. Kempner’s cure? 

A simple—and incredibly effective—rice diet.

Yep, you read that right. Rice diet.

Rice and fruit proved more effective than the best of modern medicine. Other researchers were eventually able to replicate his work, validating his astonishing results. 

Contrary to the norms of scientific research, Kempner didn’t have a control group (one of his critics’ favorite points of contention). That is, he administered his rice diet to all patients. His response? Each patient was their own “control,” since before coming to him they had probably already tried everything else modern medicine offered.

For example, a patient may have had blood pressure as high as 200 over 150 (healthy blood pressure is approximately 120 over 80) before visiting his hospital. After treatment (the rice-fruit diet), the patient would be back to normal.

In that era, the average patient (who didn’t go to Kempner) might live six months with these conditions. There’s your control group…

In the 1950s, drugs for blood pressure and hypertension hit the market, and demand for the rice diet naturally went down. 

But, we should not forget about this old-school therapy.

Why? You ask. Because it may actually be more effective than our current pharmaceutical treatments. Right now, it’s common practice to place patients on one drug, then another, then maybe another, until something works to control their blood pressure. Maybe doctors give lip-service to reducing sodium, fat and protein intake—maybe.

Meanwhile, we just ignore the good old-fashioned rice–fruit diet, which, let’s not forget, proved effective in healing arteries, reducing heart size, reversing heart failure, reducing weight, combatting diabetes and more! 

Today, many of us choose follow a vegetarian, vegan or plant-based diet. Guess what, Hottie…that’s pretty much what Kempner was prescribing! 

So…if the plant-based diet has so many near-miraculous health benefits, why aren’t we talking about it, again?

The pharmaceutical industry obviously plays a starring role here. It tends to push medical treatment over dietary. Makes sense. No one profits from dietary treatments—and there is a lot of money in clinical funding. Individual resistance to dietary change is actually the least of our obstacles.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying drugs don’t have their place in proper treatment of medical conditions. (Of course they can, and often do!) I am saying that it’s time we gave dietary treatment its just desserts…or, perhaps its just fruits! Sure, maybe it’s not as easy as popping a pill, but don’t you think the benefits of a low-sodium, low-protein, low-fat (and high-fruit) diet may be worth it? 

Even today, high blood pressure kills as many as nine million people a year. Proper diet, unlike medication, doesn’t just address the symptoms—it treats the underlying cause. 

I’ll leave you with a closing thought from the man himself:

“If you should find a heap of manure on your living room floor, I do not recommend that you go buy some Air-Wick and perfume. I recommend that you get a bucket and shovel and a strong scrubbing brush. Then, when your living room floor is clean again, why, you may certainly apply some Air-Wick if you wish.”

Plant-based is probably sounding pretty great right about now, hey? Give it a real shot (and find out how delicious, simple and sustainable it is!): check out my book Healthy, Sexy, Vegan. Facts that’ll get you… Nourished. today!