what is a mono meal?

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You may have been hearing the term Mono Meal recently. What it is is one food per meal i.e a whole meal of watermelon. Now doesn’t that sound like paradise? I assure you it is.

Some common examples of mono eating are:
Eating watermelon and only watermelon for breakfast.
Eating nothing but mangoes for dinner (I think I just heard the sound of birds singing)
Eating nothing but bananas for a whole day.

For people who are used to eating meals that involve a lot of ingredients and timely food prep the idea of eating nothing but bananas might seem crazy but I assure you that the benefits are life changing and the experience moorish.
Mono Meals saves you time:

You wanted easy. You wanted to save time. You wanted yummy. What’s yummier, faster and easier than a bowl of grapes or half a watermelon?

Mono Meals are the easiest to digest:

When eating a bunch of bananas or a few mangoes your body knows exactly what to do with that food, it recognises it and knows how to work effectively with it to give you energy and nutrients.

Mono Meals are the only certain way to know how your body reacts to certain foods:

Sometimes it takes people years to figure out that they are allergic to one of these foods because every time they eat it they eat it with so many other ingredients that it’s difficult for them to figure out exactly what keeps making
them sick. One food, 1 meal, you can’t go wrong.

Mono Mealing encourages you to eat higher quality foods:

It’s easy to settle for fruits and vegetables that are low in quality when they are mixed together with a lot of other ingredients and their true taste is disguised, but when you eat mono meals you will quickly find yourself seeking out better quality foods because once you eat a meal of nothing but bananas that aren’t ripe yet or nothing but rockmelon that taste like water you will never want to do it again.

Mono Meals allow your body to know exactly when it has had enough food and when you could keep eating:

If you only eat 1 type of food your body will clearly let you know when it is time to stop eating. It does this by causing your taste buds to shift in a way that will cause the foods that you are eating to become less enjoyable, making it almost impossible to overeat.

Mono meals are hands down my favourite of all meals. To make the most out of a mono meal chose a fruit that you absolutely love to eat, eat as much of it as you wish as your first meal of the day, eat until you are completely satisfied and then observe how your food desires, energy levels and health all feels for the rest of the day as you continue through it.

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