Chia Bowl

¼ cups chia – soak in 1 cups of coconut milk

1 cups coconut milk (1 cup desiccated coconut to 2 cups water)

3 or 4 soaked dates

vanilla extract

* Add desiccated coconut and water to the blender (we used a Omniblend now) and whiz until slightly warm, the warmth releases the oils from the desiccated coconut, and then strain through a nut milk bag.

* Soak chia in 1 cup of coconut milk and whisk

* Blend ½ cup coconut milk, dates and vanilla. Set aside the other half cup of coconut milk.

* Whisk coconut milk into the chia seeds

To serve place chia into a bowl or cup, add the coconut milk, and fresh berries, goji berries, sultanas, cranberries, cacao nibs, fresh fruit.. the options are limitless!