Hi Healthy, Sexy Mummas and Papas!

So, apparently kids hate veggies?

I certainly haven’t had any issues with my daughter, Ever Love. How about you with your children?

There is some very interesting research available on the subject, too; I think you might appreciate it. Studies have suggested that exclusively breastfeeding for as long as possible can double the likelihood that children will eat more veggies when they get older.

I breastfed Ever exclusively until she was literally grabbing at food—that is, “as long as possible.” From there, she moved on to coconuts and bananas while still breastfeeding. Over the months and years, Ever began eating a variety or fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains.

Now, she loves vegetables! She often requests baked potatoes, sliced cucumbers and green smoothies (though not at the same time).

It seems that when plant-based mamas (who eat a variety of healthy, flavourful foods) breastfeed their children, those babies are exposed to a much greater variety of flavours than babies who are fed formula (from which that variety is absent). We’re not sure, but it’s possible that at a subconscious level young children “remember” those flavours from their infancy and positively respond to them when those foods are introduced into their diets later on.

Pretty cool, hey?

Once your child is past the breastfeeding stage, I recommend a few simple steps to teach them to love eating healthy. You see, kids often need a bit of time, and a few tries, to develop a taste for a new food. Engaging experiences with food can inspire a lifelong taste for healthy foods.

These are my favourite tips for making food fun for kids—and for their mums:

1. Selection

Let them select the produce themselves. Take your angel shopping with you. Your local farmer’s market is a beautiful place to shop and a rich experience for your children, too.

2. Choice

Let them chose each meal. Why not? You get to chose what you want for dinner, and children love to do the same. “But he’ll just eat watermelon all day if I let him do that!” …And? So what?  Then watermelon it is. You are there to guide, not to trick or force. Show your children the respect you wish for them to show the world. If you’re worried about them eating too much fruit, refer back to my “Quick Guide to Everything Plant-Based” to set your mind at ease.

3. Favourites

Keep their favourite foods on hand throughout the day. A few deliciously simple ideas are fresh coconut meat and fresh coconut water, bananas, grapes, apples, and whatever other fruits are in season. Kids love fruit, and it’s the ultimate fast food, too.

4. Presentation

Present food in original ways by cutting it into different shapes and sizes. A child may gravitate for a few days, weeks, or months toward a specific shape. For example, one week my daughter likes her avocado spoon-fed to her, and then the next week she likes it in cubes on a plate so she can pick it up on her own.

5. Connection

Eat with your children. My favourite times of day are eating and sleeping with my daughter right beside me. Meals are so beautiful when shared in good company, and whose company does your child enjoy more than yours? No one’s. Eat, connect, be silent, laugh, kiss, talk, play. Whatever you both feel is perfect—do that, and do it together.


So, why do kids hate healthy food?

It’s a trick question, gorgeous—they don’t!!

Not only will my Taste and Flavour Solution give you the sexy, slim body you deserve…it will also convince your beautiful angels that healthy food is delicious. Try it, and find out how healthy, satisfying, plant-based nutrition can help your whole family thrive!


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I’d love to hear from you, too! How did you get your kids to LOVE eating their fruit and veg? What do you think are the best tips for parents wanting to raise healthy children? What struggles are you having? Please share in the comments.