Hi Healthy Hottie!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if weight loss was as simple as adding a few key body-shaping foods to our diet?


Maybe it is.

We’ve already talked about the incredible benefits of adding brown rice, apple cider vinegar, fresh raw fruits, and so many other foods to our diet. Changing nothing else, we will likely experience some stunning weight loss results by taking these hacks on board. And now, based on some fascinating recent research, I’d like to add one more food to that list of weight loss foods.

Are you ready? Can I have a drumroll for this sexy secret? 😉

The Hottest Weight Loss Food of the Season—

Hot Pepper.

Capsaicin (the compound in hot peppers that makes them spicy) has been shown to literally burn off calories and fat from our bodies.

Is that wild or what?

Let’s get into the science, shall we? Until a decade or so ago, scientists thought that brown adipose tissue (which generates heat by burning fat) was only active in young children and babies. But as it turns out, this tissue (also known as active brown fat) occurs in humans, too.

Enter the hot and sexy pepper. In addition to physical exertion, certain food compounds such as capsaicin also activate that brown, fat burning tissue. Within thirty minutes of eating the capsaicin equivalent of a jalapeno, test subjects demonstrated a meaningful rise in energy expenditure.

A slow metabolism is one of the biggest obstacle to reaching your weight loss goals. That’s why choosing the right weight loss foods to counteract a sluggish digestion is so key.

How do we do this in our daily diet?

Studies conducted in the West have shown adding a third of a teaspoon of cayenne powder to our meals is sufficient to counteract metabolic slow-down. Studies in Asia upped that quantity to a full tablespoon, but that’s just not feasible for the average Westerner’s heat tolerance.

And don’t stop at cayenne, gorgeous! It’s likely, though not yet tested, that other “structurally similar” food molecules found in foods like black pepper and ginger could have similarly weight-defying results.

So turn up the heat at your table, and enjoy the sexy, body-shaping properties of these flavorful food dynamics.

As always, I’d love to hear from you, too. What is your favorite way to add some heat to your diet and spice up your weight loss results? Share in the comments!



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