Hey Healthy Mumma,

Exhale the breath you have just taken. Inhale gently and deeply a new breath and close your eyes. Keep them closed for as many breaths as it takes to be here now, because you are in exactly the right place at the right now. You are ready, you are a Healthy, Sexy, Mumma, and you deserve a moment of appreciation for being here. Here are 3 commandments that’ll keep you living in this moment, connected to your truth, compassion and the healthiest, sexiest you…

  1. Chew

True satisfaction and wellness don’t start with just our food; they start with how we eat it. When we take the time to sit with our meals, reflect on all the goodness we’re about to lavish on our cells, flesh, bones, veins, skin, and organs, and actually chew every mouthful into sweet submission, we feed  our minds and spirits too. Eating peacefully—and with gratitude—we ensure that we give ourselves some quiet space. This is especially important for new mums, who may feel like they never have time to sit down to eat, let alone chew their food.

Chewing thirty plus times per bite, you’ll likely get less bloating and gas and feel full when you are actually full, as your body has time to realise it and tell your beautiful brain. Chewing well also helps release all the nutrients and energy from your food so your body can absorb them.


2. Be Prepared

Especially as a busy mum. If we wait until we’re desperate for food or exhausted, we don’t make the same good choices we do when we’re calmly preparing our next meal in advance. I like to keep fresh coconuts in the fridge, as I can fill out any light meal (e.g. fresh fruit or salad) by having a coconut water and coconut flesh with it or after it. I’ll also often prep chopped and soaked potatoes, especially when my daughter was a baby. This way, if I had a little one on my hip or around my ankle I could simply slip a hearty snack of oil-free baked potato chips into the oven, or roast veggies for a meal. Those are my go-to’s.


3. Eat Organic.

I wondered for a long time if the organic label was just a scam to get us to buy more expensive produce. When you buy certified organic, you buy something grown in healthy soil, nourished with nothing but organic matter. No petrochemical fertilisers or residues from synthetic pesticides. Exposure to these chemicals has been shown to increase risk of birth defects, so eating organic is an ideall choice for mums and mums-to-be.128


True organic does sometimes cost more than non-organic, but that doesn’t take into account the considerable long-term health costs to you and your family. Not to mention the immeasurable costs of land poisoned for the next generation and the original version of a food changed forever. Buying locally grown organic produce from your local farmers can massively lower your impact on the planet, too, since it doesn’t have to be shipped across the country or globe.

I shop almost solely organic. Of all the food in our home, I can think of just one item that isn’t organic in my kitchen right now (I have non organic vegetable stock cubes). My grains, nuts, seeds, plant milks, tofu, beans, fruit and vegetables are all organic. Condiments, organic. When I first began on this plant-based lifestyle, my aim was simply to eat more plants and less science. Now, it has evolved to absorbing more nutrients from the plants I eat, putting as few chemicals as possible into my body and my family’s without limiting our socialising or enjoyment of eating. For example, we’ll go to plant-based or even non-vegan, restaurants at times that aren’t organic, and we eat whatever vegan food we like there without stress or regret. I feel good knowing that we can still dine out with friends and experience other people’s menus while sticking to our ethics (ie. not eating animals). That’s something we love to do on occasion. And on occasion that is totally fine! (So long as you don’t currently have a life-threatening illness or weight issue). It’s what we do regularly that matters—what we eat at home all day everyday that really counts. That’s why we eat organic at home. It’s up to you and depends completely on where you are at on your journey. The priority is to eat plants. Next is to switch to organic, especially if conceiving, pregnant or breastfeeding.

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For life,