“I understand how frustrating it can be to be overweight and unhappy with your body because I’ve been there.”

– Donna Wild, revolutionary Weight Loss Nutritionist


Food Dynamics
And the Power of…
“The Taste & Flavour Solution”

Learn how to select foods with body-shaping properties,
Ignite those properties, and then make them super-satisfying—

without adding any unhealthy calories

How would you feel if the people you met one year from now didn’t believe you without proof that you used to be overweight?

How would you feel if you could eat—without counting or restricting calories—for the sexy, slim body of your dreams?

How would attaining your ideal weight change your life?

It’s time to discover that a sexy body is your birthright!

I myself used to suffer from being 13 kilograms (29 pounds) overweight. I carried many other ailments along with my weight, including candida, bloating, lethargy and rheumatoid arthritis. I have felt miserable in my body and purposeless in life. I have been on every diet, tried every fad. From standard Australian diet (meat and 3 veg) to vegetarian—high protein, high fat—to starving myself, to bingeing, to whole foods—high fat, low carb—it’s been a long journey to where I am today, enjoying ”The Taste and Flavour Solution”.

Now, I delight in every single meal I have. I never feel confused anymore about whether something is going to make me put on weight. For 7 years I have lived in absolute bliss when it comes to food and my weight. I have never felt as truly beautiful, toned and slim as I do today on this particular regime (and did you know I’m a Mum?).

Want to hear more about how I eat for the body I want—and how you can do the same?

I know your frustrations with food and exercise: “my parents taught me this, a website says this though, and this news article says that! What can I believe?” I believe you’ll get your answers from someone who is living in alignment with what they teach, someone who has been living this way long enough to prove that it is not a fad, that you’ll not crash after 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 years. Someone who is a tried and proven living being sharing what they themselves do.

I am that person. I the answer you’ve been seeking. You are in exactly the right place. Finally. Thank goodness.

This 30 Day Food Dynamics for Weight Loss program will equip you with the simplest tools to get you enjoying the sexy, body-shaping benefits immediately. Would you like to feel slim and sexy again, or for the first time in your life? If so, this is the program for you!

I designed this program from my 35 years of caring deeply about feeling good. In my time being on this regime I have received a first place title at the Australian Latin Dance Cup, I have travelled the world, I have conceived a child on the first go, I have had a very healthy pregnancy, then got my body back to better than it was before within 4 months of giving birth, I have written 3 books to be published through Hay House this year and I have raised a healthy daughter to 2.5 years old and a stepson to 15—all while running this business, enjoying my amazing body.

While I step you through this 30-day program, I’ll provide you with the tools to do the same— to achieve the sexy, slim, healthy body you deserve. With a simple meal plan tailored to fit in with what you already enjoy. I’ve made these recipes so simple that you’ll be saving time in the kitchen. That way, you can spend more time looking at your hot self in the mirror! You are 100% responsible for your body weight, but put the weight of that responsibility in my hands for a while as you learn how to select foods with body-shaping properties, ignite those properties, and make them super-satisfying, without adding any unhealthy calories. With me, you can do it!

Today I live in a body that I adore, with a family that has a positive self-image and a positive relationship to food. You can too.


Shape your body. Change your life. See what the power of food dynamics can do for you.

In this program, you’ll find unlimited access to our private Facebook group where other Food Dynamics for Weight loss hotties can share their experiences and learnings with you and vice versa. We’re all in this together. I will be available on email Monday-Friday to respond to your questions—and support will always be available, too. I provide you with focused daily motivational videos so that you can have me right there with you on the journey, showing you what else is possible in your life and inviting you to step up and into You.

I’ll provide you with a Food Dynamics for Weight Loss hand guide and meal plan. This eBook alone can and has changed lives. And, in this program, I give you mini tasks and questionnaires in order to really dive deep, deep into your psyche. I help you find out why you are where you are—no matter where that is, whether you are 5 kgs overweight or 200kgs overweight—because I know that you can be somewhere so much greater and that you deserve it.

This program will give you:

Daily email support
Daily video content
Mindset Tasks
Wild Weight Loss Guide and Meal Plan eBook
Over 40 delicious and nutritious recipes
24/7 Private FaceBook group support and accountability
Lifetime access to redo this program again any time that suits you

We’ll be covering:

What to eat for ultimate weight loss results
How to eat for the body and life of your dreams

My top 2 weight loss hacks
What food combinations will get you the quickest weight loss results
Tips for staying on track with this new way of eating
How to eat out and not miss out
To snack or not to snack
How to never need to count calories again
How much water is optimum for weight loss
Supplements and Shakes and why you don’t need them
Weight gain myths debunked
Weight loss myths debunked

And last but not least

The formula to staying slim for the rest of your life

Benefits of doing this 30-day Food Dynamics for Weight Loss Program:

You will lose weight

You will learn that a sexy, slim, healthy body is your birthright
You will find out why you carried extra weight for so long
You will discover how to easily maintain your ideal weight forever
Your self-confidence will increase
You will attain your ultimate body weight
You will attain greater peace around food and life
You will feel confident to respond when people ask how you lost the weight
You will feel confident that what you are choosing to feed yourself and your family is nourishing you all

You will learn how to truly eat for the body and life you want
You will find these changes to your lifestyle simple and pleasurable


I can lose weight on my own, why do I need your help?
You sure can do this on your own. I had to. But I made a magnitude of mistakes just as you have and will likely continue to do, I would not wish that journey upon anyone.

I encourage you to learn from my mistakes and learnings- now that we have internet. After all, you deserve optimum health today! I now have a lifetime of experience and self-study and am going on 6 years in assisting people to live this lifestyle. I would absolutely love to support you too.

I’ve got your recipe ebook, so I’m halfway there right?

You’re one step closer. One great step! Now you need to get educated. That is what I am here to do, educate you. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela) starting with you.  

My program is the ultimate in education. Leaving out the heart wrenching information if you don’t need it and going straight to the points that you do need in order to start thriving today, to take away the confusion from diet and to support you to greater health and hotness with ease. We all have individual needs on this amazing journey to attaining our dream body… permanently.

I’m thinking of doing “(Insert other celebrity weight loss experts name here)” Why should I do your program and not hers?

There is a huge flaw in my work: I run a business, and businesses are about getting your customers to keep coming back, right? Well, not here. I’m not interested in that at all. Well I do want you to hang with me forever and I’ll keep providing you with my wealth of knowledge and the latest science forever as far as I’m concerned but you won’t “need” me anymore, you’ll just like having me around.

What I mean is that beyond the Food Dynamics for Weight Loss program, to which you’ll have lifetime access, you have all the tools you require to never sign up to another weight loss program again. You have all the tools to stay slim, sexy and happy even over the holiday seasons and even through winter when you feel like lying in bed with a book.

You’ll still be sexy, strong, slim, toned without me and if you do want me, you are welcome to jump back on this program any time you like! Free. That is not what the rest of the weight loss industry offers you. They offer you get slim quick tricks that get you fat quick at the end. The tools that you’ll learn in my program will stay with you forever.

Why does the mentor program cost what it costs?
In this program is my lifetime of learnings and experience. With the lessons within it I have:
Lost 13 Kilograms

Learned how to maintain my ideal weight with ease and joy
Gone from being overweight to a bikini model

I put all my learnings into this step by step program so that you can achieve all that you wish to achieve and maintain it.
What is the likely outcome I will expect from Food Dynamics for Weight loss Program
The likely outcome for you upon doing Food Dynamics for Weight loss Program with me is:  

That any and all confusion around what you should eat will be diffused.

You will be feeling lighter, healthier and happier than you ever have in your entire life- and I don’t say that lightly.

Your digestion and nutrient absorption will be functioning optimally.
Meal prep and shopping on this lifestyle will be second nature.
You’ll have a community of like-hearted people that will support you and answer your questions on going.
You will feel confident and comfortable answering people’s questions around yours and your family’s diet.
You will want to share this program with others!
Search #wildtestimonialtuesday to see what other people are saying about the work I have done with them.  
I’ve joined loads of healthy FB groups so I think I know what I should do.

FB groups can be really great. We all need support. I’ve been on this lifestyle for much of my life and yet I still need support when it comes to my family and my changing needs, I still study daily to keep up to date with what the leading health professionals are saying in order to best look after my immediate family and you who I consider my extended family.

Example: Although I’ve been dancing my whole life I couldn’t have won the Australian Latin Dance Cup Championship in July 2015 with-out a coach.

What Others are Saying (testimonials)

Step into your heart space as that is where your best guidance comes from.
Imagine now, your future, you have done this program, you have received the support and learning from my 35 years of dedication to learning, creating and implementing Food Dynamics for Weightloss. How do you feel now? How do you feel now that your body is slim, toned and sexy? How does it feel receiving my support each day via email, answering your personal questions? How does it feel to have someone provide you with a meal plan that is easy, time-saving and delicious?

All this is yours. Feel it. Own it. Be it.

Here is what I am offering you:
Daily email support: $1,800
Daily video content: $999
Mindset Tasks: $259  
Wild Weight Loss Meal Plan eBook: $49
Over 40 delicious and nutritious recipes: $30
24/7 Private Facebook group support and accountability: Priceless
Lifetime access to redo this program again any time that suits you: Priceless


BONUS: 3 Paper Back books—





Price to be unleashed in the coming weeks.