I can’t make payment via the website. Can I direct debit?

Absolutely you can. Just be sure to also email us a payment confirmation and what the payment is for e.g. Transition to Vegan in 30 Days Program.

Our direct debit details are:
Donna Wild
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What is this all about?

My purpose in here at Wild Donna is to help bring together like-hearted beings from all over the world! Why? To help you become healthy, sexy, and sparkly! To embrace the wildest you! All the while eliminating cruelty on this planet. I have put together a program that has worked for me and many other friends, family, customers and clients who now live a vibrant life full of passion and fun! Personally, following my own program I originally lost 10 kilograms and overcome anxiety, as well as a debilitating candida imbalance and terrible digestive issues! Now 12 years into being vegan and 22 years meat free I have had a healthy pregnancy, given birth to an angel who is completely healthy too and my body bounced  to my pre pregnancy body in just weeks. And you can do it too!

The principles of my work are based on The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Doug Graham and the timeless studies of Colin T. Campbells work in The China Study.

How do I know if I am eating enough fruit?

  • Your energy and strength are high.
  • You have a sense that you’re on the right path with this high carb vegan shenanigans.
  • You don’t crave anything but wholesome foods.
  • You don’t feel like this diet plan takes much discipline at all, just preparation and persistence.
  • You are extremely motivated to exercise and just move.
  • You know veganism is the way.  You never again feel you need supplements, “superfoods,” or another diet because this is it.
  • And you feel almost excessively happy. 🙂

I feel spacey…not grounded. Why is that?

Calories! Keep up the calories… Did you follow the calorie counter from the beginning of the ebook? If you haven’t then I recommend that you do it. For now, have a meal of bananas and notice if you feel more grounded. It is simply a lack of calories that is causing this. Why? Because your brain feeds on carbohydrates. Let’s look at a Standard American Diet (SAD). Without the meat, dairy, and eggs, you’re left with a piece of fruit and a salad… Sound like you? You need to be consuming more calories than you ever did on SAD. Carb up. Get grounded. Live the dream.

Will I go through a detox period if I go vegan?

Very likely. But only for about three weeks. If symptoms persist any longer than this, please consult your GP. You are flooding your body with nutrients! Embrace these three weeks by nurturing yourself more than ever. You may experience acne or bloating, but you will definitely experience high energy levels, happiness, and well being. All is well.

My family is being judgmental – Any advice?

I suggest that for the first three weeks of going vegan that you don’t tell anyone but your buddy who is doing it with you or your friend who supports you through everything. This lifestyle contradicts everything that we learned in school about where we get our protein, calcium, etc.. So we can’t expect that no one will judge us when we once weren’t sure ourselves.

If you’re already out of the closet and being judged, you’re not alone, and by the way, well done! We are the voice for those without a voice, and we must speak and lead, but to speak and lead we must first educate ourselves. I have given you all the tools you need to be educated in my Vegan Diet Meal Plan books and the Transition To Vegan In 30 Days program, you’re ready with a logical explanation as to why a vegan lifestyle trumps the SAD (standard American diet) in every way: personal health, world sustainability, spiritual growth… You name it. You know that this is the right choice for you. Own it. Stand proud, and let them see how healthy, vibrant, and hot you become in complete humbleness and knowing.

What about honey? Is it okay to have honey?Is it okay to use one sentient being for its services or byproduct and not another? Why are we here choosing not to harm cows if we would be okay harming bees? “I am prepared to die, but there is no cause for which I am prepared to kill.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi. This is how I chose to live my life, and I completely recommend it to you also. Billions of bees die for us to have honey, a substance that we do not need for any reason. The day that you decide not to use any animal will be the day that your quality of life is enhanced like you’ve never imagined.Besides the ethical reason to not eat honey there is also sustainable reasons, check out this blog for more info: http://donnawild.com//is-honey-vegan-2/

What should I say when people ask me where I get my protein?

If you speak openly about being vegan, you may get asked this every week for years to come and that’s just fine. How wonderful that we get to educate people by walking our talk and thriving on a cruelty free lifestyle! Here are some facts that you can use to help educate those around you.

  • We get protein by recycling the cells that come away from our own intestinal walls and from used up digestive enzymes.
  • We get protein from plants.
  • I make sure I don’t get too much protein. Too much protein in the blood causes your body to take alkaline minerals such as phosphorus and calcium from your bones.
  • The World Health Organisation has stated that only 5% of calories needs to come from protein.
  • Think about it. Have you ever met anyone with a protein deficiency? It’s impossible to have too little protein on a high calorie plant based diet.


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