It’s time to take it to the next level.

Vegan diet is sorted! Which is awesome! Totally!!!

However why would cruelty free living start and end in the kitchen? Right!

Let’s learn how to shop 100% cruelty free… from clothing to shoes to cleaning products to pet care.

But where do you start?

This program is for you.

I’ve been there and ethical veganism is a whole new way of thinking, shopping and living – and it’s liberating! It is also simple once you know how to.

It is the way of the future and you my friend are ahead of the game. I’ll also support you through socialising as an ethical vegan, so that you smoothly and almost effortlessly introduce ethical veganism into your families lives so that you are living your truth every step of the way.


– You will receive a questionnaire that will provide me with all I need to know about you in order to have you transition your lifestyle to 100% ethical.
– You will receive support and techniques to deal with peer judgement.
– You will be connected to members for house vegan lifestyle tips, swaps and experiences in Wild bodies
– You will receive information on all myths around veganism- revealing the truth.
– You will receive a fact sheet of important knowledge to do with every day items that are surprisingly not vegan: e.g. alcohol, cleaning products, etc..
– You will receive complete support through your transition period.
– You will receive a goal setting document.
– You will receive a time line that will inform you of milestones and what you can expect- what people don’t tell you about going Ethically vegan.
– You will receive support and tips on social integration for your personal social settings.
– You will receive regular SMS support and motivation.
– You will receive tips, tricks and support on having your much loved pets go vegan too.
– You will have the concept of Freganism explained.
– You’ll have clothes shopping Do’s and Do not’s explained.

Bonus: Receive a copy of my hugely popular ebook – Vegan Diet Meal Plan

Ethical Vegan Program $87 [wp_cart:Ethical Vegan Program:price:87:shipping:0:end]

Optional: Purchase the Vegan Diet Program and the Ethical Vegan Program for only $479

Vegan Diet Program and the Ethical Vegan Program $479 [wp_cart:Vegan Diet Program and the Ethical Vegan Program:price:479:shipping:0:end]

George Bernard Shaw:
“Vivisection is a social evil because if it advances human knowledge, it does so at the expense of human character.”