Eating for your Blood Type is a Sham: Here’s a Diet for Every Blood Type

Hi Beauties!

Ever heard of a book called, “Eat Right for Your Type”?

Let’s hope not.

This popular piece of total invention claimed that different blood types should consume different diets. If it sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is!

According to this theory, Type O is “the hunter,” while Type A should eat less meat. And it goes on. 

Diets adhering to this blood type theory became quite trendy for a while. A shocking 40,000 copies sold just in Norway, forcing the Norwegian Society for Nutrition to host an entire seminar on the subject, leading to several papers.

Not surprisingly, all research concluded that the theory was totally unfounded. A well-known nutrition journal released a systematic review of all the evidence for the blood type diet, which concluded the same thing.

Not one, single study demonstrated an association between blood type diets and health or weight-loss outcomes.

This author is one of so, so many writers of junk science, making sweeping claims with zero scientific backing, simply taking advantage of under-informed audiences. While he claimed to be citing research by biochemists and the like, the real experts have never promoted such ideas.

If a diet sounds crazy, ridiculous, impossible, or just plain wrong, then it probably is.

If a diet sounds nourishing, logical, and simple—it probably is.

The blood type diet may be a bunch of nonsense, but that book sold seven million copies. If there’s anything to be learned here, it’s that people are so confused about what the right way to eat is. People are overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy, and they are desperately looking for answers.

That’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing The Taste and Flavour Solution with the world!

The diet I recommend is everything the blood type diet isn’t. It is simple. It is logical. It is nourishing. It applies to anyone and everyone looking to lose weight or be healthy.

You can have the body you desire. 

A simple abundance of whole, fresh fruits and vegetables can change your life.

It certainly changed mine.

With Food Dynamics for Weightloss: The Taste and Flavour Solution, you’ll find all the facts, all the resources and all the delicious recipes you need to explore the incredible benefits of this lifestyle. Come learn and thrive with me today!

I’d love to hear from you, too! What is the craziest diet you ever tried? What is the simplest diet you’ve ever followed? Which gave you better results? Please share in the comments.


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