Did you know that chronic constipation is a huge issue for young children and infants? Did your children, nieces or nephews, or younger siblings ever suffer from this horrible condition? Did anyone tell you that there were actually natural solutions out there?

I’m guessing the answer to that last question is no, because so many people don’t know about alternative treatments for childhood constipation.

Instead, doctors prescribe fiber supplements or laxatives, even though it’s obvious that these “solutions” only treat symptoms—not the underlying problem.

What’s more, these prescriptions often don’t work, leading to increasingly large doses of laxatives and even worse constipation five years down the road—and possibly well into adulthood.

But did you know that as long ago as the 1950s some nutritionists suggested that cow’s milk might be responsible for chronic constipation in young children?

Too bad no one tested the theory until 40 years later… Until then, most people were convinced that this problem was psychological.

But then researchers studied 27 infants with chronic constipation with no known causes. They eliminated cow milk protein from their diets and…

In just three days, 21 of those 27 infants had been cured.

Can we let that sink in a moment? Haven’t I been telling you that you can eat for the healthy body you desire? The same is true for kids!

Symptoms disappeared completely with a cow-protein-free diet, and then returned—twice—when cow’s milk was reintroduced over the course of the clinical trials.

Just 24 to 48 hours after adding cow milk back into these infants’ diets, the constipation came back!

Not to mention, eczema and respiratory issues disappeared, too.

The conclusion? At least 75% of cases of constipation in young children are probably the result of an allergy to cow’s milk (or cow’s milk protein).

Unfortunately, this study was not blind or placebo-controlled, so we still need more data. Good thing the New England Journal of Medicine published just that: a double-blind study on cow’s milk versus soy. Researchers looked at 65 children with chronic constipation—all of whom had previously been prescribed laxatives, unsuccessfully, and nearly 50 of whom suffered from anal fissures or inflammation. (If you don’t know, those are extremely painful conditions!)

They proceeded to give the children cow’s or soy milk for two weeks, and then swapped.

The results were crystal clear.

Two-thirds of the test subjects experienced a complete cure of constipation, anal fissures and pain while on the soy milk; none of the children drinking cow’s milk experienced positive change. In those 44 cases, all the symptoms that disappeared when cow’s milk was removed returned within just a few days when it was reintroduced.

Given these findings, it makes sense that children who drink more than a cup of milk per day are eight times more likely to suffer from anal fissures. (It’s possible, by the way, but not proven, that cutting cow’s milk could cure anal fissures in adults, too.) And it may be a root cause of diaper rash, though this has not yet been tested.

These results are so promising that many are now suggesting that eliminating cow’s milk be trialled for any children with chronic constipation.

And now we have so many global studies linking a switch from cow’s milk to rice or soy milk to curing constipation in as much as 80% of children. Even in these studies, however, there haven’t been many other controls on the test subjects’ diets, so they may have been consuming other dairy products.

In 2013, though, researchers removed all dairy from the diets of constipated children—and 100% of them were cured!

If you needed more proof that it is 100% possible to heal your body and change your life through diet, now you have it.

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Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM

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