donna wild weight loss

Hey Healthy, Sexy, almost Vegan!

Ready to have the slim, toned, sexy body you’ve always dreamed of?

Good! Because we start today. 😉

I’ll tell you what I tell all my clients: if you want to get thin, you have to understand what’s making you fat.

The following five foods are making us overweight and unhealthy. Eliminate them from your diet for healthy, lasting weight loss!

1. Salt

Added salt is terrible for us. It causes inflammation and water retention (bloating), and is one of the biggest obstacles to a thriving, sexy body. While natural sodium found in foods like celery, Swiss chard and tomatoes is fine, processed salt (table salt, packaged foods, etc) is not.

In addition to weight gain, consuming these processed salts can lead to high blood pressure, kidney strain, heart problems and more. Want to avoid strokes, heart attacks, dementia, kidney failure and more? Throw away that salt—now. 

2. Oil

The diet I recommend is free (or nearly free) of added oils. Raw (like cold-pressed olive oil) or cooked (coconut oil for frying), just one tablespoon can contain up to fourteen grams of fat and 120 calories, and this kind of high-calorie, high-fat food simply doesn’t have a place in our optimum nutrition when trying to lose weight. 

What’s more, processed oils are full of trans fats, one of the leading causes of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Instead, I recommend consuming natural dietary sources of fat, like avocado and coconuts, which are whole, unprocessed and gorgeously good for us. But don’t throw out your jar of coconut oil—it makes an excellent moisturizer for your skin!

3. Dairy

Yes, beauties, that includes all animal-derived milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Did you know humans are the only animals out there that collectively drink another animal’s milk? Isn’t that totally bizarre, when you think about it? Dairy contains all kinds of hormones from the animals producing it (hormones contained in their feed or added to their diet to keep them lactating far longer than is natural), and those hormones end up in our bodies. Yuck! 

Consumption of dairy products has also been linked to osteoporosis (yep, milk doesn’t actually make your bones strong!, constipation [LINK TO CONSTIPATION BLOG] and heart disease. Cutting it from your diet will probably clear up any allergies you have, give you glowing skin, and (huge bonus!) reduce animal cruelty. Switch to almond, coconut or many other non-dairy milks [LINK TO BLOG/RECIPE for other milks?]; your body will thank you!

4. Meat

If you really want to lose weight, the meat must go. Recent tests have found antibiotic-resistant bacteria in 81% of raw ground turkey,  69% of pork chops, 55% of ground beef and 39% of chicken. Leaving those terrifying statistics aside, meat is one of the only foods that contain zero fiber, meaning it takes our bodies much longer—as much as a week—to fully digest it. Think about that…half-digested meat sitting in your body for a week…

Fruit and veg, on the other hand, moves quickly. Stick to the good stuff, and you’ll notice your digestion improving (and your weight dropping) rapidly.

5. Gluten

Whether or not you’re actually ‘gluten-intolerant’, high consumption of breads and pastas is not ideal for a thriving, slim body. Our bodies have a tough time digesting gluten (and many grains), production of these foods is hard on the environment, and many people are in fact intolerant. Cutting glutinous foods out of your diet, you’ll probably find your skin getting clearer, your weight getting lower, and your allergies disappearing. Pretty nice, hey?

So, what’s left? Let me tell you!

Don’t just cut these foods out of your diet—replace them with delicious, whole, plant-based nutrition instead!  Fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains are your new staples. Not only will a diet free of animal products and rich in these foods help you lose weight, it will also give you glowing, gorgeous good health.