Here is the message that I sent to Evers kindy today in relation to the chicken hatching program her kindergarten is involved in. Full text down below.

I have typed it here also so that if you would like to copy and paste anything from here and send it to your childrens’ school or kindy you may with ease. The link is also there in full.

Dear XXX team and parents.
I so value your desire to give hands on, in depth experiences for the children. This is the greatest kindy I have come across which is why we chose it for Ever. I would like to address how saddened I felt to hear that you were participating in a hatching program.

Below is a very informative (non graphic) video that explains the reality behind the hatching program: has asked me to pass it on to you so that you can decide if you feel after having heard this information, that it is a good program to participate in in the coming years and also so that the chicks that you have, particularly the roosters are safe after the program ends. 

This kindy and the families here are mostly in suburban areas, roosters are not suitable for rehoming into suburban areas and returning them to the program is imminent death for those sweet chicks that the children are growing to love.

I don’t feel anyone at this kindy wants to contribute to this, I believe it to be lack of understanding of the programs back end, the repercussions of the program on the chickens that is the issue, not anything else.

I encourage you to watch this video and do further research if needed to assure the information is correct. I’m certain you will find it all true and sensical.

Alternatives to such a program, that give all these incredible experiences of anticipation, wonder, counting, life cycle, and more can be achieved with out contributing such immense harm to animals. Examples are- the children could embark on a rescue program of injured wildlife, drought affected farmed animals, rehab and rehoming of all kinds of animals including chickens would be an incredible, authentic, positive learning experience for the children that would work so well in the kindy.

I am available to discuss this further if you wish. From the bottom of mine and Evers hearts, for the sake of the chickens in years to come, we hope that you don’t participate in the chicken hatching program again. We love chickens and want to see them helped, not harmed for our entertainment or learning.

Thank you for reading.

Image from NSW Hen Rescue as seen in linked video.

UPDATE I am adding this in the day after publishing as I have received a response:
I am thrilled with their response and the other parents are now leaving their thoughts, for and against. It’s always important to speak up for the animals, you never know how it will be received but it always, always is a seed that is planted and there is always the potential of a life being saved.
Always for the Animals.