Hey Healthy Hotties,
Are you concerned about whether you and your family will get enough B12 in your diet now that you’re wanting to eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat, dairy and eggs? Perfect. Let me share with you some things that I have learned from my 26 years of meat free living, 16 years of being vegan and almost a decade of being plant based… and never ever being B12 deficient.
Almost every health and nutritional professional in the world holds the notion that people must at least supplement their diets with a B12 source if they don’t eat animal flesh- meat. But in reality vitamin B12 deficiency is not limited to vegetarians and vegans it is common among all humans today, not because they don’t eat enough B12, but because they don’t properly produce and absorb it.
As I am aware, two primary vegan sources of natural vitamin B12 exist for humans, either of which, under ideal conditions, should be sufficient to provide adequately for our B12 requirements:
1. Vitamin B12 is a waste product of a bacteria that can be found in and on the foods we eat (of both animal and plant origin).
2. B12 is also produced in the intestine and the mucosa of healthy humans.
If it is true that plant and animal foods can contain B12 and that we make it within our bodies as well, then how is it that we find vitamin B12 deficiency in humans?
Here are 3 reasons why we can’t always make it within our bodies:
1) Our produce no longer contains vitamin B12 due to damaged soil and modified plants
2) We wash our produce
3) We cannot absorb the B12 we eat
An alleged (but very unlikely) third source of B12 may be unheated algae, spirulina, chlorella, and other creatures (which are not plants, and thus not to be considered vegan), and also raw seaweeds like nori, wakame, dulse, kombu, etc. Although these substances do contain some human-active B12, they also contain significant amounts of noncobalamin analogs of B12 which actually interfere with the absorption of true B! And so I do not recommend the consumption of sea life under any circumstances. Our nutritional requirements are adapted to the consumption of plants from the land. Aquatic plants and animals are not our natural food, nor does their nutritional makeup match out needs.
Do I need to supplement B12?
I recommend that you go get a blood test. You can get this at your local GP. Personally I do not supplement it, if I was deficient (which I don’t seem to be capable of) then I would supplement but I am not. I know I am not deficient because of 1. blood tests and although not always accurate I know this to be true because 2. I have supplemented a couple times over the years which wreaked havoc on my body for months to follow. I took the supplements because of doctors pushing me to (even though my B12 stalls were fine on the tests).
If you need it, take it. I have had clients not know they were B12 deficient, they found out from a blood test, supplemented soon after and were never the same person again. They went from depressed, lethargic and unfocused to energetic, optimistic and joyful instantly. The effect is really fast, you will within hours after an injection whether or not you really needed it. It can change lives! Being B12 deficient can be dangerous to your health and your well-being. Over dosing on B12 can lead to a list of other ailments that you don’t need to know about because you’ll never go down that rout. Get it checked dear Mama, you deserve optimum health and you deserve it now!




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