Hey Healthy Parents,

Asthma is an inflammatory disorder of the lungs. In the past 30 years childhood asthma has doubled, with 16 per cent of children suffering from the disorder!

So why the dramatic increase you may wonder?

Both allergies and asthma are how our bodies react to things like pollen, dust, and cat hair. Reactions may also be triggered by infections, chemical irritants, exercise, and even emotions. There are many factors, but in almost every case, there is an underlying abnormality that causes irritability, inflammation, and narrowing of the airways.

First active step–remove things that cause reactions. But we also have to question why we or our loved ones may be sensitive to begin with. Asthma and allergies are related to lifestyle and dietary patterns, as well as genetics. While children’s growing bodies are more vulnerable to damage, they are also more malleable and can more easily recover from issue like asthma easier than adults.

Food Guidelines for children with allergies and asthma:

  1. a high nutrient fruit and vegetable based diet
  2. one tablespoon of ground flax daily
  3. at least one ounce of raw walnuts daily
  4. no processed foods
  5. no dairy
  6. no meat
  7. no oils
  8. avoidance of known allergies

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Disease-Proof Your Child, Feeding Kids Right. by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.