Hey Healthy, Sexy Vegan (or Vegan to Be)!

This old-school weight loss hack is so simple, you may not believe it. That’s why I have loads of research to back me up!

More than 60 years ago, a man called Dr. Kempner treated more than 18,000 patients with this straightforward and weight-defying program.

He had originally designed it as a treatment for kidney failure and high blood pressure, which were much more serious diagnoses in those days. His patients had a real chance of survival—something they wouldn’t have had at any other hospital. In addition to lowering blood pressure, healing arteries and kidneys, and reversing heart disease, Dr. Kempner’s diet also everything he planned to do, Dr. Kempner also 

His results were so dramatic that many of his colleagues suspected Kempner of falsifying results. Reversing (what were at the time) terminal illnesses? Hard to swallow.

Speaking of food…I’m guessing you’d like to know right about now, What was this old-school weight loss program, and where can I sign up? 

A simple, and incredibly effective…rice diet. 

You read that right, gorgeous. Rice and fruit proved more effective than the best of modern medicine. Other researchers were eventually able to replicate Kempner’s work, validating his astonishing results. 

A patient may have had blood pressure as high as 200 over 150 (healthy blood pressure is approximately 120 over 80) before visiting his hospital. After treatment (the rice-fruit diet), the patient would be back to normal.

Then in the 1950s, drugs for blood pressure and hypertension hit the market, and demand for the rice diet naturally went down.

But we should really remember this old-school therapy for reversing cardiovascular diseases and reducing weight. It may actually be more effective than all our modern treatments. Let’s not ignore the good old-fashioned rice–fruit diet, which, proved effective in reducing weight, healing arteries, reducing heart size, reversing heart failure, combatting diabetes, and more! 

Today, just like 60 years ago, you can eat for the healthy, sexy body you desire!

It’s time to start talking about the benefits of a healthy calorie, plant-based diet and the body-shaping potential of this old-school weight loss program. 

Even today, high blood pressure (often combined with obesity) kills as many as nine million people a year. Proper diet, unlike medication, doesn’t just address the symptoms—it treats the underlying cause. 

I’ll leave you with a closing thought from the man himself:

“If you should find a heap of manure on your living room floor, I do not recommend that you go buy some Air-Wick and perfume. I recommend that you get a bucket and shovel and a strong scrubbing brush. Then, when your living room floor is clean again, why, you may certainly apply some Air-Wick if you wish.” — Dr. Kempner

Remember: A sexy body is your birthright! Let me show you how to eat for the body you want.

As always, I’d love to hear from you, too. Have you followed some version of this “old-school rice-fruit diet” in your life? What were your results. Share in the comments!



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