Hi, my name is Donna Wild. A large part of my life has been my passion for dance. I have trained in dance since I was 3, the tiniest kid in all my classes. I was up to my friends shoulders!

I was brought up with meat and three vegetables for dinner and meat filled sandwiches for lunches. However I never liked the taste of seafood as a kid and when I was eight I decided that because I didn’t like seafood that it would feel better for me to not eat it and instead let that creature live.

At thirteen years of age when I was handed what was thought to be a chicken pie but was actually a prawn pie I had an apiphany. Do I value a prawns life greater than a chickens just because I like the taste of chicken better? Of course not! And that was it. I became vegetarian.

As a toddler I had the biggest belly you  can imagine on a skinny little kid. Big and round like Santa… at twelve years of age I had aches and pains in my joints and tummy. After visiting every nutritionist, chiropractor and Doctor in town I was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis. I was medicated until my stomach lining split just twelve months later from the use of the medication. I vomited blood and spent three days in hospital. That was the end of medications for me, however not the pains. At 5.3ft and sixteen years old I moved to Sydney to go to The McDonald College of Performing Arts. There I was introduced to the world of boarding house eating habbits mixed with the dance industry mentality and found myself 10kgs heavier within the first six months and the aches and pains were worse than ever. They were so bad that I was sitting out of the dance classes that were the very reason that I moved twelve hours drive away from my home town. I had day after day out of school to visit specialists across Sydney. Eventually they diagnosed me Arthritic (not Juvenile this time). Arthritis through my entire body and requested that I stop dancing immediately in order to slow down the process of Arthritis developement. They said that I would be crippled regardless of my activity levels however by the time I was twenty two… One very helpful Doctor showed me an image like this and said this is likely what my hands will look like in 4 years from now.

Fortunately for me my hands now, at thirty one, look like this:

*Thank you Tom for displaying my hands so nicely.

I do not have and never did have any form of Arthritis…

When I was eighteen I left Sydney and moved to the Gold Coast, Australia. There I ate fresh fruit, vegetables daily and enjoyed the sunshine. I went from 63kg and unhappy to 51kg and very happy with out trying. But only for a while because I still didn’t have the answers to my long term health.

At twenty two years of age I moved back to Sydney and fell in love with a wonderful Vegan man. And although I knew nothing of the meat and dairy industry at the time I knew that it was true to me to not have (in my mind) a dairy cow for example giving milk to a farmer all year round… her nipples must be sore! And so it was a great opportunity for me to become vegan as well. The transition was instant and easy…

At twenty three I was back into dance (I had left dis heartened at eighteen right out of school due to the diagnosed arthritis, body pains and missed dance classes) and thanks to dance, this time Latin Dance I have now traveled and danced my way through Cuba, Domincan Republic, Japan, Puerto Rico, America, Canada, New Zealand, London, France, Greece, Italy and Australia and it has been superb! The travel brought about weight fluctuations only because I didn’t know that wheat made me feel unmotivated, lethargic, fat and unhappy. The vegan lifestyle that I had adapted supplemented meat products for glutenous/wheat based products and I was back up to 58kgs and uncomfortable.

Nearly two years ago (after a year in the USA and twelve years off and on in Sydney) I decided to come back to Byron Bay, my birth place, my stomping ground, my home. To focus on me. To focus on my health and happiness.

I am passionate about lot’s of things. This studio and this site provide a neat umbrella for so many of these things… health, food, fitness, photography, fashion, travel, dance and people to name a few. And in the last two years I have had the gift of  focusing on me and my health.

I now live on a plant based diet. I live a vegan lifestyle that supports me in living my truth. Food is my medicine and I am now living at my ultimate weight and great health. I work out 6 days a week because I love it! This year I ran a six week online health retreat which had over seventy five participants and I am now creating an e-book to bring compassionate living and greater health to all those looking for something more.

These days I am more likely to travel for tropical fruit and sunshine than dance. When I am home in Byron Bay you will usually find me at the dance studio, the office, the beach or the farmer market. If you see me please say Hi!

I wish for WildDonna to share with you all that it  has shared and still shares with me and so much more!
Thank you for joining me on this journey.

With love and peace always,

~Life Dancer~